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This is the site of
in the coming
This is my guitar after Canut
painted it
This one of my drawings of a
Gipsy Wagon...I will have
paintings,drawings and
Antiques for sale in the
coming pages....soon,very
This is Canut,Nicholas and
Jose' Reyes, playing Gipsy
Rumba guitars in a local
brewery in Arles,
the 1960's
This is Julio Romero of the
Gitano Family way before he
was Guitarist and
singer...Ole' Ole' Julio
This is one of my first songs to produce
and play,while learning to play "Gipsy
Rumba" has been published and
used in various ways 3 times,,,it is me
playing the rythum and lead on 2 tracks,all
improvised ,my 1st tilme to try and play
lead guitar...
This is a preliminary video produced about
Jose' Reyes,a famous Gypsy singer from Arles
France and the Father of the brothers who make
up the musical group "Gipsy Kings".
The completed video I had posted on YouTube
was removed after it was on for 3 years with
more than 2,000,000 views,they actually
removed all of my 400 videos I had produced
and posted with no back-up for any of them....
So this is part of the video with no credits ,title
or explanations of what is going on,but still a
nice video and Canut Reyes,the main singer of
the Gipsy Kings invited me to meet with them
in Chicago to speak to me about doing more
films for them in enjoy and I will
have more posted soon
C'est alors que j'ai été invité à rencontrer
Canut à Chicago,à faire un vidéo de la
Inauguration à Arles
,avant que je le savais, j'étais dans le bus va
Milwaukee...Mon Dee dune video, Netti pas
Sir la masque Des Gypsy Kings, Mai's plus Sir
Ce quid SE passe en dhows Des
concerts,===============When I 1st
thought of doing a video of Canut in Arles
France,I wanted to do a film about his art and
his surroundings,music,poems...the ocean and
everyday since I haven't made to
France as of yet,I took some of the vido I have
from my road trip and put together this
video..also there are songs from the concert of
Nicolas and Patchai posted in my site,youtube
and myspace
This is a video I made in Chicago after speaking with Canut
Reyes of the Gipsy KIngs about shooting a video of him,I will be
using this as the title to the video when it is completed....the
music is by Canut Reyes and is titled Enamorado Soy from his
Bolero Album 1996
I have videos I produced for YouTube here to replace
videos that were removed a few years ago when
Google bought the site...They are mostly of me and the
Gipsy Kings,I have more to post about Gypsy Wagons
and my music,
On page 2 I'm building a page to do with a surfer photo
collection I have,I will be doing a book and video
about the 1,000+ photos I shot in the 1960's and 70's in
Galveston ,Texas.
Also on page 2 are videos while living in the Virgin
Islands in the 1990's...The video's I'm working on in the
time frame of 2012 are much better with a serious feel
to them,more of a Documentary style,starting with a
film I have been wanting to do since 1990,about Jaun,a
Cuban refugee I went to school with in the 9th grade in
1962/63.....more on page 5.
You can either pause this
music or wait until it finishes
to watch the video's on this
Reyes 1977
"Gipsy Wood Fire"
composed & played by;
Bob Morris 2006
Gitano Blanco Productions